We’re holding our breath right now for good weather and clear skies. This is because the main element of the StAnD meteor camera toolkit is currently being tested and it’s much better with good weather.

StAnD meteor camera
StAnD meteor camera. Photo by Osservatorio Astronomico Comunale di Roselle.

The all-sky camera that we’ll be using for the StAnD project is custom-built for us by INAF – Osservatorio Astrofisico di Torino.

Here are two images of calibration data with the all-sky camera that is being tested at the AMSA – Osservatorio Astronomico Comunale di Roselle, located near Grosseto, in Tuscany, Italy (they are also a participant of the PRISMA Italian Fireball Network). The images are automatically analysed to calibrate the camera thanks to the positions and luminosity of bright stars, the bright stars are indicated by  red circles in the image on the right.

Calibration Image
Calibration image -  bright stars are indicated by  red circles

Most of the winter constellations are visible in this image, such as the Big Dipper, Orion and many others (North is to the bottom of the image and East is to the right).

We’ll be bringing you a time-lapse animation of a full-night very soon, just as soon as spring has fully arrived.