Planetary Defence

What is Planetary Defence

According to the UN-endorsed Space Mission Planning Advisory Group, Planetary Defence can be defined as the activities and actions to predict and mitigate a potential impact by an asteroid or comet on the Earth.

Impacts of near-Earth objects (NEOs) have contributed to mass extinctions and the evolution of life on Earth, and it is a proven fact that NEOs will continue to hit the Earth at irregular intervals in the future, with the potential for catastrophic damage to life and property.

The study of NEOs can help further scientific understanding of the birth and formation of our solar system, as well as providing valuable information regarding the remote but existing threat of a large impact event.

The main objective of StAnD is to engage primary and secondary school students and teachers in the subject of asteroids, meteors, and planetary defence; and through this engagement, raise their interest in science and space exploration while at the same time improving their competences in school subjects and other skills.

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