The first StAnD Summer School, held in Marathon, Greece, was not just a week of professional development, it was also an opportunity for participating teachers from Germany, Greece, Italy and Portugal to meet each other and get to grips with this amazing project to bring comets, asteroids and meteorites into the classroom.

Our partner trainers introduced the project in full, presenting the toolkits to the teachers, from online resources to the custom-built meteor detection camera.

Sessions were given on a variety of subjects, including minor bodies, space debris, impact craters, and measuring asteroids, with hands-on sessions involving Astrometrica, Stellarium, and a even a meteorite hunt. This gave the participants plenty of material to begin working on scenarios for their own classes, and they each presented their own lesson plan on the last day.

A very productive week!

See below some photos of the summer school:

All-sky camera
Meteorite hunt
Exploring meteorites
Analysing micro-meteorites
Sun observation using a telescope
Group photo
Group photo at Cape Sounion
Group photo at the Acropolis in Athens