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After months of careful planning and consultation, StAnD is ready to release the programme for the teachers’ summer school in Marathon, Greece.

The programme is available here: Summer School Programme

It can be lonely in space, but in our Summer School for the StAnD project, you’ll meet other teachers and scientists and join the StAnD community. This is where we share our ideas and experience about what works well in class–and in the field. You’ll learn how to adapt activities about these visitors from outer space to your students’ level and to their needs. The StAnD Summer School is a safe, inclusive place to experiment, test things out and learn more about the wonderful world of asteroids, meteors and meteorites, not forgetting micrometeorites! 

Join us this summer–we look forward to seeing you!

StAnD Summer School:

Golden Coast Hotel, Marathon Bay, near Athens, Greece
30 June-5 July 2024—Save the Date!